Python Microservices Web App (with React, Django, Flask)


🎯 About This Course:

Embark on a comprehensive journey to build a scalable and robust web application using Python's powerful microservices combined with React. This course will guide you step by step through the process of integrating Django and Flask to create efficient back-end systems, and React to craft a responsive front-end, resulting in a full-stack masterpiece.

📋 What You'll Learn:

  1. Python Fundamentals - Review the core concepts of Python to ensure you're well-prepared for the microservices journey.
  2. Django Overview - Dive deep into Django, understanding its ORM, middleware, and routing capabilities.
  3. Flask Unveiled - Discover the simplicity and flexibility of Flask for creating lightweight services and APIs.
  4. Microservices Architecture - Grasp the principles of microservices: how they communicate, benefits over monolithic architectures, and challenges.
  5. React Basics and Advanced Topics - Kick-start your front-end development journey, from setting up a React project to mastering state management and hooks.
  6. Integrating Django, Flask, and React - Bring everything together to build a seamless, integrated application.
  7. Deployment and Scaling - Learn best practices for deploying your application to the cloud and scaling it to meet user demands.

🔧 Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of Python programming.
  • Familiarity with web development concepts.
  • No prior knowledge of Django, Flask, or React required.

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